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Customer Testimonials

Juan is an incredibly talented masseuse. He is exceptionally intuitive and has been so helpful toward my overall health and well being in a variety of ways. Back in the fall, I had shoulder surgery. His massages were the most pivotal element in helping restore my range of motion and move through pain and tightness associated with my injury. Being a pediatric therapist, I am often on the floor with children, working and moving in a variety of ways. I also have an exorbitant amount of paperwork to complete on a regular basis, requiring me to sit and type for hours on end. Both elements of my job have resulted in different physical manifestations of pain and discomfort. Juan has been incremental in helping me function and move through various physical stresses and strains in my body, helping me to be a better professional and maintain flexibility and stamina with my job. After his massages, I feel like a new person. Working with Juan, monthly is the most restorative I have added to my life. I feel sincere gratitude and appreciation for his assistance each moth contributing to my overall health and well being. Words cannot express my support for his particular compilation of skills and abilities.


As the owner of a gardening company at age 57, lifting and hauling heavy items is a challenge. People are amazed at my stamina. I attribute this to the massages I have been getting from Juan every week during my busy season for the past two years. Thanks to Juan, I feel amazing!

Juan is especially skilled in dealing with the spine. So much so, that I no longer require as many services from the kinesiologist I had been seeing for the past 12 years.

Juan is a serious professional and is intuitive to what my body needs.

He always begins by asking, “How are you feeling?” He works out any particular “aches of the week”, and then proceeds to find knots and any areas that need to be unblocked.

 Juan provides an exceptional deep tissue massage and keeps my lymph system healthy and flowing.

Nancy , Brewster,NY

Hi Juan,

It’s Anne-Marie, your massage victim from yesterday!! YES I AM SORE TODAY!!But that was probably the best massage of my life. Sooo… here is your testimonial!!

‘Juan Johnson gave me what was in all probability the best Sports / Deep Tissue Massage of my life. As a professional dancer and choreographer over 40, my job often involves pushing my body to the limits, with all the attendant aches and pains. Juan was immediately able to discern my problem spots and work firstly, to relieve muscle tension and injuries through pressure points, and then to go a bit deeper, finishing with soothing and stretching. I highly recommend him, and can’t wait for my next massage!!’

And I can’t! I am not always able to afford a regular massage, but the next time I can it’ll be with you!!

All the best


In have had received wonderful massages in China, Thailand and all across the United States. I have been to spas at 4 and 5 star hotels and wellness facilities. The massage I look forward to, by far, is yours when I travel to New York. Of all masseuses from whom I received a massage, you are among the best, for several reasons. You apply consistent strong pressure, you can read the subtle, non verbal cues and push or pull back, your knowledge of the muscular and skeletal systems and experience provides trust and confidence that I will be well cared for.

I prefer a very firm massage. It is rare to feel to receive consistent strong force that is not white-knuckle painful. You, however, are able to reach deep into the muscle. My muscles are revived yet I have never winced during your massages. You are very in tune to the messages the muscles provide and make adjustments without needing to ask. When you ask, my response is always the same - "just perfect." You are the remedy when I have worked my muscles sore on then yoga mat, swimming in the pool or long, long days and nights at the computer. You revive a stressed psyche and prompt the flow of energy. Your massages transform me, make me feel younger, and prepare the body and mind for a relaxing evening and a sound, interrupted night of sleep.

Thank you.


Having a massage with Juan is one of the greatest transformational experiences a body can receive. Juan gives a great, strong (very strong) deep tissue massage. His massages are always intuitively just the right amount of pressure in the right place.

Juan is the real deal...truly one of the very best masseuses I have used. We are fortunate to have him in this area. He's the best of anyone in NYC or Westchester, if you like a strong massage that transforms your body, mind and spirit.

I can recommend Juan VERY HIGHLY!!!

A devoted client,


 Hastings on Hudson, NY

Juan Johnson LMT NCTMB, is a gifted healer with great depth and understanding of the human body. I came to see him with some hip pain and he knew exactly where to focus, bringing a strong combination of subtle and deep techniques. His hands carry a lineage of healing that is obvious within the first few minutes of the massage. It is rare to have a therapist with honed technical ability, also hold the sensitivity and presence required to understand the unique mapping of each person's body. Juan has it! I highly recommend his massage.

----Sarita Sahni, LMT

To start off, I must confess that I am not one to go out of my way to comment or rate any type of service... Quite frankly, I just don't have the time. However, I felt obligated to make an exception in this case...because my experience was THAT noteworthy and exceptional. Now mind you, I have received many massages in my life, but this one TRUMPS THEM ALL!!! I have always gone for the standard Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, but my girlfriend suggested I try the Sports Massage by a Massage Therapist that her friend has been raving about for years. He offers a full menu of many different massages but my girlfriend (in her infinite wisdom) thought this would suit me best. This integrates stretching and Swedish massage. When she booked it, she was apprehensive to tell me that it was with a all my prior massages (both good and bad) have been by a female. Needless to say, it was the most AMAZING and REJUVENATING massage I have ever received. My Massage Therapist's name was Juan Johnson. He coupled a firm massage with incredible stretching techniques. Obviously I am a fan, and HIGHLY SUGGEST booking him. You're Welcome in advance. 😉

Mike Hartman

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